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Onggi • 옹기

In 2008 I had the honor of studying traditional pottery making techniques at Ohbuja Onggi in Ipo-ri, Gyeong-Gi Do, South Korea, a 7th generation Onggi studio operated by the Kim family and lead by Korean National Cultural Treasure Kim Il-Maan. The Kim family members are among the last Onggi potters to create their wares with little help from modern machinery. During my 10 month apprenticeship I learned all steps of the tradition, from hand-processing raw clay to final delivery of wares.

I currently make Onggi fermenting jars in my Helena, Montana studio. Onggi jars are made to order and offer them in a variety of sizes from 1-gallon to 60-gallon as well as most sizes in between.

To start your Onggi fermenting jar journey, please purchase your desired onggi here.

For a closer look at my apprenticeship visit my Onggi Playlist on my YouTube Channel.